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With diverse roles as co-founders, consultants, as well as investors, the founders of LUPUS ASSETS have built an excellent international network.

Through our organisation you have access to world-wide real estate from $10 million.

You will also have access to hand-picked German real estate investment opportunities from 1 million euros, private placements and special assets.

These items and opportunities are not offered on the public market.

Our high quality standards enable us to offer investments from Family Offices, Issuing Houses, International Law Firms, Foundations and Investor Groups.

Our clients are in the best company.

Discretion, loyalty and integrity are of utmost importance to us. This forms the basic requirement for entering into our business relationships.

Whether a private individual, a fund company, or an investor group: You have an affinity for exceptional real estate investments or unique projects. You are looking for something special.

Receive detailed information about properties and their mandates only after prior screening and signing of a Declaration of Confidentiality (NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Receive no data from interested parties – even after submitting a letter of intent (LOI). It is only through the purchase contract that details are disclosed.

Our clients on both sides appreciate the silent transfer of ownership. These principles are respected in everything we do.

Current opportunities

Our portfolio usually includes between 10 and 30 exclusive offers. Here are a few examples:

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